Blueberry Muffins

Hi Everyone! Let’s start off the New Year with dessert, why not? This sweet treat is super delicious and easy to make. You will find yourself baking them any chance you get for friends and family. I cant name one person who hasn’t tried blueberry muffins; and most love it! I personally enjoy the sweet… Read More Blueberry Muffins

Dessert, Vegan

Date Brownies

Hi everyone! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with delicious food and laughter! My husband and I had a great time with our family. We had traditional Thanksgiving food with a Middle Eastern twist. Also, I heard exciting news! Two of my recipes have been published! Check them out on my Facebook page Fufuinthekitchen!… Read More Date Brownies


The Best Pecan Pie

Hi my friends! Okay, so you all know how I am all about healthy food but when it comes to Thanksgiving; I indulge folks. I will eat and eat and eat some more. I will feel guilty later but then say its Okay; its the holidays! This pecan pie recipe will make you want to… Read More The Best Pecan Pie